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For the best landscaping of the Main Line, choose Suburban Lawn & Landscaping. We offer expert lawn care and landscaping for commercial and residential properties. From lawn maintenance to snow removal and everything in between, we’re happy to serve your needs.

Landscaping Services We Offer

Closeup of a lawn mower mowing the lawn

Lawn Mowing

Our crew trims, edges, and mows your lawn on a regular basis. We also aerate your lawn and remove dead grass, wild leaves, and fallen branches, which helps your grass grow.

Person installing mulch around a tree

Mulch Installation

We apply mulch to flower beds and around trees and shrubs. This helps your soil retain its moisture, guard against weeds, and protect your plant and tree roots against cold temperatures.

Two men with shovels performing landscape maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

No two landscapes are exactly alike. We learn about your unique landscape so we can put together a custom maintenance plan for you. This plan may include weeding, pruning, and seasonal cleanups.

Worker with a shovel working on landscaping maintenance

Seasonal Cleanups

We offer a year-round yard and leaf cleanup. Our team removes leaves and weeds, applies fertilizer, prunes trees and bushes, edges and cleans flower beds, reseeds damaged areas, and more.

Person working on planing and removal in a garden bed

Planting and Removal

We can help you enhance your landscape's curb appeal by adding shrubs, trees, and other plants. Or, if you are dealing with damaged or diseased trees, we'll remove and replace them.

Landscape Design

We offer consultations and landscape design with planting jobs. If you're looking for guidance on how to fill a space, we will take all of your preferences into consideration and give you our best recommendations, including custom mockups and renderings.

Snow plow pushing snow

Snow Removal

Our team uses heavy-duty plows, snow blowers, salt spreaders, and shovels to remove snow from your property quickly and efficiently. We offer snow removal for properties of all sizes.

Closeup of a gutter

Gutter Cleaning

If you ignore your gutters, you risk damage to your property's exterior walls, roof, and foundation. We remove debris from your gutters and downspouts that stop rainwater from flowing freely.

Aerial view of a residential lawn

Lawn Applications

We can apply fertilizers and herbicides at regular intervals to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. Plus, we offer aeration services to help improve your lawn's nutrient intake.

Residential front lawn

Grading and Drainage

With grading, we can create either a level surface to meet a construction requirement or a slope to encourage water runoff. We also offer drainage services to remove standing water from your property.

Decorative stone path

Decorative Stone Installation

We work with many types of decorative stone. Our team can install and repair stone pathways, retaining walls, flower beds, and fire pits. We'll make sure your decorative stones complement your landscape.

Sod installation

Sod Installation

We install sod designed to deliver instant results. Our sodding helps you establish a thick turf that protects against soil erosion and requires less maintenance than traditional seeding.

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